Tarpana is widely used for various conditions of the eyes. The person is made to lie down comfortably and asked to close his eyes. Black gram paste is then applied around the eyes in the shape of a circular well. The sides are pasted properly to prevent any leakage of ghee. Medicated ghee which is heated and made cold is poured slowly on the closed eyes.

The quantity must be sufficient to cover the eyelids completely. He is then asked to open the eyes slowly and to move them around. The ghee is retained for 5 minutes on the first day and then the time is increased. A small hole is made at the sides of the well for removing the ghee.

Course of Treatment : 7 days

Therapeutic Effects :

  • For maintaining good eye sight
  • Correction of refraction errors
  • Early stages of retinopathy
  • Early stages of retinitis pigmentosa