Dermatology Clinic


Dermatological conditions though not life threatening, cause severe disturbance in the persons physic and the mind. Etiology is usually multiple like hereditary, diet, infection, allergy etc. Psoriasis and eczema are the most common skin conditions. Psoriasis is characterized by well defined reddish plaques with silvery scales while eczema patients present with blackish lesions associated with dryness and itching. Exudation is common in acute eczema.

The anxiety caused by the itching and the discoloration force the person to depend on powerful allopathic drugs which may in turn cause severe damage to the body systems. The dermatology clinic at Ahalia has developed an effective treatment modality for skin conditions based on ayurvedic principles. Treatment is patient oriented and takes into consideration the factors like dosha( body humor), dhatu( tissue), symptoms, constitution, duration, body strength etc.


Treatment Packages : 21 Days

  1. Deepana and Pachana
  2. Snehapana (internal administration of medicated ghee)
  3.  Vamana (emesis) or Virechana (purgation) (according to the patient)
  4.  Diet regimen
  5. Taila lepam (external application of medicated oil)
  6. Takradhara(streaming of medicated buttermilk on the forehead)



Eczema : 14 days (when the condition requires one Panchakarma) and 21 days (when the condition requires two Panchakarmas)

  1. Deepana and Pachana
  2. Snehapana (internal administration of medicated ghee)
  3. Vamana (emesis) or Virechana (purgation)
  4. Diet regimen
  5.  Taila lepana (external application of medicated oil)
  6. Internal administration of medicines



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