This is a special procedure widely practiced in Kerala. Drugs like amla etc. are cooked in medicated liquids like buttermilk etc. and made into fine paste.

Person must shave his head clean prior to this procedure. He is seated comfortably and given mild massage on the head with any suitable medicated oil. The paste is then applied evenly all over the head and covered first with leaf of banana and then with a cloth. A small hole is made in the centre of the covering and medicated oil is kept there. The oil and the paste is removed after 30 minutes and he is given another mild massage on the head.

Course of the treatment : 7 days / 14 days / 21 days

Therapeutic Effects :

  • Insomnia
  • Burning sensation of body
  • Certain skin diseases of the scalp
  • Insanity and epilepsy
  • Some stages of mental retardation