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Vedopanayanam and Transitional Curriculum 2022-23 Batch

2022-2023 BAMS batch inaugural ceremony (Vedopanayanam) was conducted on 23rd February.  Programme started with prayer by students. Welcome speech was by Mr. Sreejith ((Associate professor, Department of Samhita Siddanta and & Sanskrit). Followed by lamp lighting by dignitaries an inaugural address by DR. Sheba Sunil (Principal, AAMCH). Felicitation  was done by Rajithan E.P.V (Academic Vice president, Ahalia Group of Institutions) , Dr. Sunil Kumar.N. Professor and HOD department of Kayachikitsa (Vice principal, AAMCH) and P.T.A Representative.  A white coat ceremony was conducted there after. Programme was ended with vote of  thanks by DR. Anoop Kumar C.A. (Staff Advisor, HOD, Associate professor, Department of Panchakarma)

As a part of orientation programme, Course and syllabus details was presented by DR. Aswathi.K (Assistant professor, Department of Samhita Siddanta and & Sanskrit) and an interaction with the students and parents was done by DR. Aswathi.U.S (Assistant professor, Department of Kriya shareera)

From 24th February onwards Transitional curriculum was started as per the syllabus provided by NCISM



90 Hours (Preferably 6hrs* 15 days)

Day 1(24/02/2023-Friday)-In Charge-Sreejith.K.K

9am-9.30am Pre Test DR.Aswathi. K
9.30am-11am Awareness class on Anti ragging DR.Aswathy.U.S
11-15am-12pm Rules and regulations of the campus, codes of conduct, and dress codes Principal & Vice principal
12PM-1PM Understanding the role of mentoring DR.Anoop Kumar. C.A
2pm-3pm An overview of the BAMS curriculum and the subjects, including highlights of the minimum standards of education DR.Dhanya.N.S
3pm-4pm Institutional officials and their roles in hierarchy DR. Abdul Sukkur . M


Day2(25/2/2023)  Friday -In charge  DR. Aswathi.K

9am-10am Sreejith sir Sanskrit
10aam-11am Orientation of Regulatory/Governing

Bodies (Ministry of Ayush,

NCISM, affiliated universities, State


Directorate, etc.) And introduction of

their heads.

DR.Anoop N.S
11.15am-12pm Introduction to samhitas DR.Aswathi.K
12P-1PM Clinical possibilities of Ayurveda DR.Durga
2pm-4pm Role of Ayush in COVID-19 management and its scientific outcomes (Ref. Ministry of Ayush Dossier) DR. Dhanya


DAY 3(27/02/2023)-Monday- In charge-DR. Aswathi. U.S

9am-10.30am An Introduction to various medical systems DR.Dhanya.N.S
10.30am-11.30am Gender sensitization DR.Kavyasree
12pm-1pm Introduction to Anatomy DR.Karthika
2PM-4PM National Health Status, Goals and policies DR.MINUChandran


DAY 4 (28/02/2023)-Tuesday-Incharge –DR.ANOOP.N.S

9am-10am Digital Eye Train and its Management DR.Yadhu krishnan
10am-11am History and scope of Ayurveda DR.MANJU
11.15AM-12PM Introduction to Charaka samhita DR.Aswathi.K
12pm-1pm How to set Goals? DR.Saranya
2pm-3pm Safety Apps installation: 122 India;

Mysafetipin; Citizen COP;

Himmat; Shake2safety; Raksha; Smart



DR. Aswathi U S
3pm-4pm Sanskrit Sreejith Sir



DAY 5 (01/03/2023)-Wednesday-Incharge – Sreejith sir

9am-10am Introduction to Salya tantra DR.Sreenath
10am-11am Time Management DR.Meera
11.15am-12pm Importance of Diagnosis in Treatment DR.Betsy


12.15am-1pm Introduction to Ashtanga Hridaya DR.Minu
2pm-4pm Motivational Class DR.Sworojisha




DAY 6 (03/03/2023)-Friday- Incharge- DR. Aswathi.K

9am-10am Introduction to Dravyaguna DR.Ankita
10am-11am Ayurveda’s national and international

reach, higher education in Ayurveda,

job opportunities, entrepreneurship, etc.

11.15am-12pm Healthe awareness, fitness,and Hygene DR.Preethi
12pm-1pm CPR Training DR.Sumina
2pm-3pm sanskrit Sreejith sir


3pm-4pm Introduction to padartha vigyana DR.Abdul sukkur.M


Day-7 (4/03/2023) Saturday-Incharge-DR.Minu

9am-10am Details on Ashtanga Hridya DR.Minuchandram
10am-11am Sanskrit Sreejith sir
11.15am=12pm Introduction to charaka samhita DR.Abdul sukkur.M
12PM-1PM Introduction to salakyatantra DR.Tosmy


Day-8 (6/03/2023)-MONDAY-Incharge-DR.Dhanya.N.S

9am-11am ASUS (Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and


Sowa-Rigpa) medical

systems and their roles in primary

health care, public health, and

Disease prevention.

11.15a-12pm Introduction to Kriyasareera DR.Dhanya.N.S
12PM-1PM Time Management DR.Devi
2pm-4pm Yoga demonstration DR.Farshad




9am-10am Introduction to panchakarma DR.Teres
10am-11am Introduction to prasooti tantra and streee roga DR.Ammu.K.Sasi
11.15am-12pm Introduction to samhita DR.Aswathi.K


12pm-1pm Sanskrit Sreejith sir
2pm-3pm Stress management DR.Sumina
3pm-4pm Communicate to connect and influence DR.Swarochisha



9am-11am Garden visit DR.Ankita
10am-11am Demonstration of Procedures:  Office related, library related, internet related, leave related, campus behaviour, availing health care facilities, etc. DR.Anoop.N.S
11.15am-12pm Introduction to Swastha vrutta DR.Deepak.
12pm-1pm Orientation to learning methods: self-learning, collaborative learning, lifelong learning strategies, time management, examination strategies, etc. DR.Abdul sukkur.M
2PM-4PM Motivational Lectures DR. Aswathi.K


Day-11  (9/03/2023)- Thursday-Incharge- Sreejith sir

9-am-10am Introduction to kaumarabrithya DR.Devi/DR.Kavayasree
10am-11am Introduction to Agandatantra DR.Anjana
11.15am-12pm Introduction to Bhaishajyakalpana DR.Manju Raj
12pm-1pm Communication skills, critical thinking, soft skills, empathy and respecting conduct, confidence and personal growth, speaking in front of an audience, etc DR.Aswathy.U.S
2pm-4pm Recreational activities DR.Minuchandran


Day-12 (10/03/23)Friday-Incharge:DR.Minu Chandran

9am-12.30 pm Campus  Visit DR.Aswathi.k
2pm-4pm Orientation of Regulatory/Governing Bodies (Ministry of Ayush, NCISM, affiliated universities, State Commissionerate/ Directorate, etc.) and introduction of their heads. DR.Minu


Day 13- (12/03/2023)- Monday-Incharge:DR.Aswathi.K

9am-10am Introduction to Roganidana DR.Divya
10am-11am Motivational class DR. Jyothi
11.15am-12pm Introduction to Padarthavignyana DR.Abdul Sukkur
12pm-1pm Introduction to Kayachikitsa DR.Durga
2pm-4pm Yoga demonstration DR.Farshad


Day-14(13/03/2023)-Tuesday-Incharge: DR.Minu

9am-1pm Post test and feedback from students DR.Minu
2PM-4PM Recreational activities DR. Aswathi.U.S