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National Ayurveda Day

As a part of the National Ayurveda day celebration Conducted on 02/11/2021 at Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College and hospital, Palakkad, along with college union Srishti 2k21, Organized inaugural function at 11.30 am in the college auditorium. The programme was anchored by Anjali Prasad (2018 batch Student). The function was started by blessings of almighty and the prayer Sung by Ms. Aishwarya Shajan & team (2019 batch Students). Then invited the guest and the dignitaries to the dais. There were preliminary events like lighting of the lamp. Then the welcome Speech was delivered by Dr. Asundi Vijayalakshmi vice principal AAMCH . Presidential address by Dr. Sheba Sunil Principal AAMCH. The function was inaugurated Virtually by Sri K Babu MLA (Nemmara) and he also delivered the inaugural address. Felicitation by Sri Adv. Murugadas -Elappully Block Panchayath President , Smt Revathi Babu Elappully Grama Panchayath President , Dr. Krishnakumar. K Academic Director, Ahalia educational institutions, Mr. EPB Rajithan , Ahalia Statutory Manager, Dr. Ajesh, m. Pillai Senior Consultant AAMCH . The inaugural ceremony ended at 1.00 PM with a grand vote of thanks given by Dhilna KK (UUC college union and Vice Chairperson KUHS union)


As a part of National Ayurveda Day celebrations conducted on 2/11/2021 at Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, Agadatantra Department took part in the exhibition related to theme “medhya rasayana”. We displayed two charts mentioning the names and pictures of drugs in medhya rasayana, also included its properties and benefits. Chart also contains sloka of medhya rasayana from charaka samhita. We collected fresh drugs of guduchi, mandukaparni, shankupushpi and also dry drug of yashtimadhu and displayed. We also picturised benefits of medhya rasayana and portraited it on a chart.


As a part of the National Ayurveda day celebrations conducted on 02/11/2021 at Ahalia Ayurveda Medical college, the Prasooti and stree roga department took part in the exhibition related to the theme ” Nutrition for pregnant lady and post partum lady. We displayed 8 charts about Masanumasika garbhini kwatha. We also displayed a model of fetal development. We made 2 preparations under nutrition for post-partum lady .One was hibiscus smoothie which was for hemostasis and the other was satavari smoothie for breast milk development. Butter, milk, ghee, gokshura, and phala sarpis were displayed mentioning their importance in nutrition of pregnant and post-partum lady.


As part of the National Ayurveda Day Celebrations conducted on 02/1/2021 at Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, the Panchakarma department took part in the exhibition related to the theme Gritha Samgrahana and Samsthapana. The Collected ghee poured into the porcelin jar at the time of morning rituals. There it is sealed and stored for the next 10 years in order to make purana gritha. We displayed a chart of procedure for gritha Samgrahana and Samsthapa and a chart of changes and uses of Nava gritham, Purana gritham and prapurana gritham, also another chart of Samskaarasya anuvarthanam of ghee. We displayed a model of types of Sneha with their health benefits and also another model on the properties of ghee were displayed.


On the occasion of National Ayurveda Day’, we the students of final year along with House surgeons and our respected teachers from the department of Dravyaguna vijnana conducted an exhibition. The theme for this year was Ayurveda for Poshan. The exhibition conducted was based on Nutrition through kitchen garden plants. The drugs that are commonly available in our household & their medicinal uses were highlighted. A chart was prepared showing 10 such drugs displaying their common & botanical names, pictures & their uses. Raw drugs of the above mentioned 10 drugs was exhibited along with the chart. The drugs selected were the most common drugs that are used in most of the food preparations. Their uses were also for the most common disorders associated with a person. The 10 drugs selected was sweet flag, ginger, turmeric, pepper, sesame, curry leaves, garlic, cumin, kayam & coriander. The exhibition was very informative & was appreciated by everyone. The audience stayed long time by the chart and exhibits & tried to understand every bit of information. The final year BAMS students helped everyone to understand & clear the doubts that they had. The exhibition ended by evening with the dignitaries & audience appreciating & applausing the efforts put by everyone behind it.


As a part of the national Ayurveda day celebrations conducted on 02-11-2021 at Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, department of Kriya Sharira took part in the exhibition related to the theme “Prakrithi and Ahara”. We displayed 6 charts mentioning the characteristics of each prakriti and the suitable food items used. We assessed the prakrithi of viewers using a questionnaire related to their lifestyle, physical traits, physiological functioning such as digestion, excretion, moods, nature, appetite etc. We also explained some food items which have to be eaten more and less according to their prakrithi.


As a part of the National Ayurveda day celebrations conducted on college, 02/11/2021 at Ahalia yurveda Medical the Salakya department took part in the exhibition related to the theme “Nutritional requirements for eyes, ears, nose and throat”. We displayed two charts mentioning the names and pictures of food products that are essential for the proper functioning of these. We also displayed a chart with the sloka of netra raksha. We made preparation such as njavara payasa, paathila thoran and ellunda which are essential for ENT. We also had different fruits and vegetables displayed as such mentioning their importance in day to day life. Plant saplings which are helpful in maintaining eye health was also kept. Different pulses were also there. The method of preparation of each of the netra rakshaka Kalpana were written and kept as well as pindis such as guduchi and kumari, milk jasmine and avakundana using haridra and chincha were also made.


As a part of National Ayurveda day celebrations conducted on 2/11/2021 at Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, the Kaumarabrithya dept took part in the exhibition related to the theme “Nutrition requirement for Children”. We displayed two charts mentioning the DO’s and DON’Ts that should be followed while taking care of children. We also displayed four charts with some formulations and their benefits. We made the preparation Aamrapaanam and distributed to the guest and students. Different medicines for children were displayed mentioning their importance.
Names of different paanaka’s, modaka’s and shakes that can be given to the children to boost their immunity and beneficial for health were also mentioned.


As a part of observing National Ayurveda day on 02/11/2021 at Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, Department of Kayachikitsa took part in Exhibition under theme of “Rasayana for Geriatry”. We displayed 2 charts on Nithyasevanadravyas and common rasayanas used. We displayed nithyasevanadravyas like gooseberry, honey, ghee, rocksalt etc. We explained its health benefits and essentiality to include it in daily diet. We also displayed Brahmarasayana, Chyavanaprasha and Narasimha Rasayana. We explained the viewers with its dose and indications. Had resolved doubts and took part in active discussion with viewers.


National Ayurveda day was celebrated on November 2nd 2021. During this day on behalf of rasasastra and Bhaishajya dept four preparations were done.

  1.  Amla squash: Prepared out of amla pulp, candy sugar, rock salt, cumin seed powder, black pepper powder, black salt, water. This cooling drink is useful in acid peptic disorders, constipation, anemia and eye pain.
  2.  Ardraka paka(Ginger Barfis): Prepared out of ginger, jaggery, ghee, dry ginger powder, cumin etc. This preparation helps in improving appetite and digestion. Useful in prevention and management of sore throat, cold and cough.
  3. Lajaardraka(Puffed paddy ginger granules): Laja, sugar candy, ginger, ghee. Good appetizer, carminative and digestive. Gluten free, food having reasonable amount of protein and iron, so can be given to people having weak digestive power.
  4.  Peya(Medicated Rice gruel): Prepared out of red rice, water, salt, mustard, cumin seeds etc. It is good for gut health and also helps in controlling the pulmonary functions because of its rich magnesium, iron and medium chain fatty acid content