Affiliated to Dept of AYUSH & Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS)




Training Programmes
  • Fire & Safety Mock drill was conducted to ensure preparedness in the event of a fire emergency on 21.01.2019
  • Training programme “Samskrita Sibiram” was conducted by Mr.Ranjith,Teacher, Viswa Samskrita Prasthanam on 10.2.2019 & 11.02.2019
  • Conducted Anti Ragging Awareness classes on 07.03.2019
  • Conducted Training class on Nipha Virus for staff & Students on 08.05.2019
  • Conducted Yoga training class by Ms.Nauf Almarwai (Padmasree Awardee) on 23.07.2019
NSS Activities
  • NSS Special Camp from 26-12-2023 to 02-01-2024
  • On the day of World Mental Health Day, As a part of this a program was conducted by Ahalia department of counselling on October 10th 2023.
  • NSS unit of Ahalia Ayurveda medical college also celebrated Gandhi Jayanti in a various splendid way lasting for one week from 25-09-2023 to 02-10-2023.
  • As a part of this AAMC NSS unit, unit No. AM001-1, conducted a programme on 30/05/2023 between 4:00 pm to 4:30pm In 1st proff classroom .
  • Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College’s N.S.S Special Camp “Pratiksha 2023” started on 27th December 2022.
  • 30/09/2022 : On 29 -09-2022 and 30-09-2022 NSS unit of AAMC has organized a 2 day programme based on Gandhi Jayanti.
  • 24/09/2022 – AAMC NSS volunteers conducted an oath taking session in their own classrooms (Batch wise) with teaching staffs, NSS leader of each batch delivered the oath and was repeated by the volunteers.
  • 12/8/2022 – Pre- independence Day Celebration with Cultural programmes and Cleaning Drive
  • 08/03/2022- Woman’s Day- Performed several programmes encouraging women empowerment
  • 14/03/2022- NSS camp Inauguration Yoga Camp- Performed Yoga Aasaana
  • 15/03/2022- Medicine preparation and First aid awareness- Prepared medicines which has to be distributed to the students and gave an awareness class about the first aids
  • 15/03/22- Medicine preparation and first aid awareness- Prepared medicine which has to be distributed to the students and gave first aid awareness to plus one and Plus students.
  • 16/03/22- Medicine preparation- Prepared medicine which has to distribute to the students (lajardraka, Amra pana)
  • 17/03/22- Eyecamp, Doopanam, Food fest – Eyecamp and food fest conducted for first standard student and doopanam was done
  • 18/03/22- Garden setting- Planted different varieties of medicinal plants and decorate the garden
  • 19/03/22- Study kit distribution and Medicine distribution- Distributed study materials for children in ACV and Medicine for APS students.
  • 20/03/22 – Oral health day- Oral health awarness and testing done for students
  • 7/04/22- World health day- Awareness programme conducted at kannadi grama panchayat on topic “Arogya samrakshanam ayurvedathiloode”
  • 5/04/22- Prana -22- Conducted prana 22 which include effect of prana yama in post covid complication.
  • 06/06/2022- NO TOBACCO DAY- To make public awareness about Tobacco side effects.
  • 05/06/2022 and 08/06/2022 – Awareness about keeping our environment better for the future.
  • 25/04/22 – World malarial day awareness class- To make public awareness about malaria and importance of health
  • 28/04/22- Occupational health camp- To make public awareness about the importance of healthy working environment.
  • 13/05/22- Countdown yoga programme- Awareness about role of meditation on physical and mental health
  • 06/06/2022- No tobacco day- To make public awareness about Tobacco side effect.
  • 05/06/2022 &08/06/2022 – ENVIRONMENT DAY – Awareness about keeping our environment better for the future.
  • Vadakarapathy : Classes for public on prevention of epidemics, sanitation and public hygiene were taken. Awareness classes on Dinacharya and Ritucharya were also put forward.. Relevance of taking immunization at proper intervals was also dealt. Special Camps conducted.
  • Chittur : Blood donation camps were conducted successfully. Conducted general heath checkups for school children to improve their nutritional status. Health surveys were also done to assess mother and child health. Blood group collection camp conducted.
  • Kozhinjampara : Afforestation programmes by planting saplings of medicinal and eco-friendly trees were done. Need of setting up a herbal garden so as to inculcate an awareness about Ayurvedic medicinal plants were done, First Aid awareness class conducted.
  • Puthupariyaram : Awareness classes for public on prevention on epidemics, ill effects of alcohol consumption, smoking and drug addiction were also done.Yoga Training classes conducted.
  • Elapully : Taken classes on sanitation and personal hygiene for public and school children. Yoga sessions were also conducted in addition to it. Awareness campaigns on geriatric health problems were done. Plastic Awareness Classes Conducted.
  • Observed Nurses day on 25.05.2019
  • Observed World Menstrual Hygiene day on 28.05.2019
  • Observed No- Tobacco day on 31.05.2019
  • Observed & Conducted Environment day on 12.06.2019 along with various Public Awareness Programmes
  • Observed International Yoga day on 21.06.2019
  • Conducted Pharmacy day “Bhaishajya Vaibhava” on 2.07.2019
  • Conducted Exhibition “Pradarsana Samhitha” on 27.07.2019
  • Conducted “Roganirnaya 2019” – Case presentation series on 07.08.2019
  • Observed World Mental Health Day on 10.10.2019
  • Observed & Conducted National Ayurveda Day on 25.10.2019 along with various Public Awareness Programmes
  • Conducted: Arogyacharya – 21 days Vishesha charya for Students on 21.11.2019 onwards
  • Observed Pharmacy Day “Bhaishajya Vaibava” on 2.07.2019
  • A programme was conducted on “SAY NO TO ALCHOHOL & DRUGS” by K.V LALKUMAR (Deputy Excise commissioner Palakkad) at ADH auditorium
  • We made Green House with 78 medicinal plants on 20.01.2019
  • Conducted NABH Sensitization Programme of NAM on 20.12.2018
  • Celebrated International Women’s day at Srambi, Kozhinjampara a dalit colony and conducted awareness class & health Check up along with prasuti department. More than 50 have utilized the service
  • Our students participated in “AYUSH CONCLAVE” at Trivandrum on 16.02.2019
  • Ahalia Art fest was celebrated on 28.11.2018 to 06.11.2018
  • International “Yoga Day” was celebrated on 21.06.2018<
  • As the part of World Environment Day, we conducted a programme “GREEN AHALIA” on 5.06.2018
  • Conducted Ahalia Clean Drive behalf of Gandhi Jayanthi on 02.10.2018
  • Conducted Yoga day and Release of Yoga Protocol on 21.06.2018
  • Conducted Awareness Campaign of @SAVE WATER & SAVE EARTH@ on 02.05.2018 to 04.05.2018
  • “ETHIC COMMITTEE” was inaugurated on 01.03.2018 at Ahalia Diabetes Hospital auditorium
  • “ETHIC COMMITTEE” was inaugurated on 01.03.2018 at ADH auditorium
  • Conducted Talent Search Exam “NAVA VAIDYAKA” by Kerala Ayurveda Ltd on 10.01.2018