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Panchakarma Chikitsa

Pancha means five and karma means procedures . These are the procedures which cleanse the body by expelling the vitiated doshas from their main sites.

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The different Panchakarma's are

Vamana (emesis)
Kashaya vasthi (enema foe expelling doshas )
Sneha vasti (retension enema )
Nasyam (nasal instillation of medicine)


As a part of preventive medicine - Tridoshas tend to vitiate due to improper food habits, seasonal changes etc. Pu rifying the body by expelling such vitiated doshas regularly halts the further progression of disease process.
As a part of rejuvenation - Any procedure or medicine that is administered for rejuvenation will go futile if the body has not been cleansed of vitiated doshas. Panchakarmas therefore are essential for those who want to rejuvenate their body.
As a part of curative therapy - Diseases when caused by severly vitiated doshas will not be cured completely by just passification of doshas. Vitiated doshas need to be expelled here and panchakarma are what required.

These procedures are done in 4 stages

Poorvakarmas - Pre-operative measures.
Pradhanakarmas - Operative measures.
Paschathkarmas - Post-operative measures
Samsarjanakramas - Dietry regimen

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These are the procedures to be done before doing the Panchakarmas for smooth return of doshas(body humors) from the deeper tissues to the koshta(gastrointestinal tract) so that they can be expelled by Panchakarmas. Eg.- Snehapana( internal administration of unctuous drugs like ghee) for a specific period followed by fomentation are the poorvakarmas for Vamana and Virechana, Application of oil in the face, head, neck and shoulders followed by fomentation are the poorvakarmas for Nasyam and so on

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