Ahalia Ayurvedic Medical College
Abhyangam (Oil massage)

Abhyangam "Abhyanga is the procedure where the body is massaged using a medicated oil all over the body. This imparts oleation, complexion, stability, destroys fatigue and disturbances due to vata dosha.


The treatment is done in 7 postures.

Sitting - Erect position
Lying - Supine position
Left lateral position
Samsarjanakramas - Dietry regimen
Lying - Supine position
Right lateral position
Lying - Supine position
Sitting - Erect postion

Course of Treatment :- 7/ 14/21 days (may vary).

Therapeutic Effects :-

Nervous disorders and Musculoskeletal disorders

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Paralysis (Hemiplegia,Paraplegia)
Facial Paralysis
Sitting - Erect postion
Shoulder joint pain & stiffness
Spondylosis - Cervical spondylosis & Lumbar
Disc Prolapse

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